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Welcome to the website of the ISTnanosat project

ISTnanosat-1 is the first nanosatellite project developed by students, professors and radioamateurs at the Instituto Superior Técnico / University of Lisbon in Portugal and AMRAD Associação Portuguesa de Amadores de Rádio para a Investigação Educação e Desenvolvimento.

ISTnanosat-1 design is based on the popular CubeSat model and is being built using components mostly developed in-house.

Several BSc and MSc students from aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, communication networks engineering, computer engineering and AMRAD's radioamateurs, are working on this project. We aim to develop innovative scientific instruments and components to deploy on board our satellite.

This project builds on previous space and radiocommunication research at our institute, namely by the Portuguese Space Center - CS5CEP.

Find a leaflet of our project here (en, pt)

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