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Preliminary decisions on the controller board

  • based on a ultra-low power processor such as the MSP430x5xxxx
  • must include (right on the motherboard) the following sensors:
    • accelerometer/magnetometer
    • gyroscope /accelerometer
    • GPS
    • temperature of several satelite faces, batteries and other system boards
  • also outside onboard controller
    • thermal radiation, UV and visible light
    • space pressure gauge (specially important for launching and recovery stages ???)
  • Attitude control through special coils or magnets
  • should also include an expansion socket for stackable purposes so that further hardware can be attached to the board. As the controller board can be used in other apps. its important to devise a method to attach:
    • small keyboard
    • LCD

As a general requirement, the board should be capable of hosting a large (at least 4 GB) flash device (serial attached) and 2 USB channels.

Another twin board will be necessary for the data communications and radio controlling features.

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